Introducing the PDF plugin "" for

Hello Bubble Community,

We’re excited to launch the plugin for! Now you can super easily manage PDFs right in your Bubble apps, without any coding.

Key Features:

  • Create PDFs from HTML + JSON Data: Generate PDFs from your HTML and JSON data, including templates created at
  • Extract Text from PDFs: Extract text from PDFs using templates that define specific data extraction areas, all managed within your account.

What is simplifies creating, handling, editing, and sharing PDFs. It supports various file formats and offers robust tools to streamline your document workflows.

Direct and easy (at least we hope so!)

Why Use with

  • Easy Integration: Add PDF features to your app with a few clicks.
  • Versatile File Support: Manage PDFs and other file types.
  • Advanced Tools: Merge, split, compress, extract, create and convert PDFs.
  • Secure Handling: Keep your documents safe with encryption.
  • User-Friendly: Enhance your app’s user experience.
  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy competitive pricing and save your valuable Bubble WUs!
  • Efficient Processing: Most functions support asynchronous operations for large tasks (30 sec+ processing). You’ll receive a job ID to check the status and retrieve the results later, saving Bubble work units.

Security and GDPR Compliance

At, we take security and GDPR compliance very seriously. Your documents are managed with robust encryption and privacy measures to ensure data protection and regulatory compliance.

Additional Features:

  • Upload and download PDFs
  • Merge multiple PDFs
  • Split PDFs into separate pages
  • Convert files to and from PDF
  • Encrypt and decrypt PDFs
  • Compress PDF files
  • Add passwords to PDFs

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Get Started

Go to Plugin | Bubble to read more about the plugin. Visit for more info or reach out through the plugin page.

Got questions? Just ask!

Thank you, Team