Introduction to Zippy Project - A Community based Copy / Paste Anything Tool for Bubble

Hello Fellow Bubblers,

We would like to introduce you to an extension for Chrome and Firefox, that allows you to Copy / Paste pretty much anything in Bubble.

Quick Overview:


  • Data Type
  • Option Sets
  • Elements
  • Elements with Workflows
  • Workflows
  • Actions
  • Styles

Works with New and Old Bubble Engine, though we will only be adding new engine components to the Free Libraries.

Works across apps and accounts, no need to add your application for extension to work.

ZippyProject has 3 packages available, Free, Personal and Enterprise.

  • Free - Allows you to copy any free elements or purchase elements from other Bubblers.
  • Personal - Allows you in addition, to create your own private libraries and elements.
  • Enterprise - Allows you in addition to create shared team libraries and create elements for sale.

We will be onboarding users in segments from about a week from now. Should you be interested in trying the extension out, please just join our waiting list:

Any questions, please reach out to us here or directly via [email protected]


Made in conjunction with WeGetDesign and Unlimited Bubbling


Sounds great, looking forward to the community adding more elements to ZippyProject :tada:


Hello Fellow Bubblers,

Just a quick update on, we have released a bunch of features which we will update you in the up coming weeks, to help you zip through your bubble development.

Library: User / User Profile

The video demonstrates a possible user related database structure. Using a combination of components in a copy / paste manor. From workflows, elements to data types.


Just a quick update - a quick overview video of Zippy:

Zip through your project

  • New starter collection of free libraries
  • Integrate Plugins
  • Help guide for each library
  • Bug fixes and improved navigation
  • Extension only install, no sharing app or no installing plugin required

I like to share some of our processes, and gage some opinions from the community.

As you may or may not know, we don’t promote well at the moment. We have built a copy / paste tool / in Bubble that sits in an extension, called ZippyProject, aimed at enterprises but also the first time Bubbler. (Currently Beta)

On that journey, we aimed to initially to test our market, and understand user behaviour. We went through a series of UIs and would love to know the communities feedback.

Version 1: Library

Version 1: Manage Library

In this version, we found, was users unable to navigate the libraries or access the items / features that they needed. It was frustrating, as we had quite a few free libraries, but users could not find them.

Version 2 aimed to solve these issues. Adding video and help icons and listing libraries rather than lean on search.

Version 2: Available Libraries

But like anything in development, iteration did not stop, we asked our users again, and they told us, the user interface, felt too cluttered, too many options and icons they didn’t have a clue what they meant.

So drum role, after going back to the drawing board for our UI / UX. we have just released, you can call it Version 2.75, not quite 3, still some more UI work, but none the less - some insights into our journey with designing

Version Not Quite 3: Library

Version Not Quite 3: Manage Libraries

Please let us know your opinions, feedback, we love to know what you think / love / hate about the new UI.


Maybe is just me, but I cannot paste any element into the bubble environment. I can copy and Paste In Option and Data Type, but when I try to paste an element… just does not give you an option to paste it with Zippy. There is only Zippy Clear Clipboard as seen on attached photo.

Can I get assistance for this please?

Hello @wealth this has now been fixed, please try again.

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