Invalid properties object (Properties object too big)

Hey all,

When I try to run a scheduled workflow in a recursive way on properties from a JSON response I get the following error in the log.
Invalid properties object (the properties object is likely too big).

I have searched the forums and cant think of other explanations than that the resources of my instance are too limited or that the JSON response is too large.

In any case, what would be a workaround and what limitations is imposed here?

Thanks in advance!

This message is displayed when the action properties were too long to be stored by our current log system. We’re working on changing our logging back end to avoid this.

This is the object that shows the properties that were computed by the workflow engine when running the action, and is only about logs. That won’t get in the way of the action when it runs.

Thanks Emmanuel for the quick response.

I had some data inconsistencies so this unclear error made me shake the wrong tree.

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