Inventory transferes

Hi all,

Im trying to create an inventory management app. I would like to when doing transferring that the updated quantity decrease one locations stock and increase the stock in the location it is sent to. Im able to to decrease the quantity in the relevant location but not sure how to increase the quantity in the other location

Hi there, @fdrubino… if I understand your post correctly, increasing a location’s stock should be as simple as adding the transferred amount to their existing stock, and since you know the location the stock is being transferred to, it should be pretty easy to do. Can you provide more details about what you are struggling with here?


Hi Mike, thanks for the reply. Ive managed to deduct the stock from the location but cant seem to get the formula in the workflow to add the quantity to the new location

I suspect it is because it is using current cell’s location, but how would I change this to make the adjustment to the new location

When the Transfer button is clicked (or before it is clicked), how is the user specifying the location to which the inventory is supposed to be transfered?

Above the repeating group which is within a group I have 2 dropdown boxes to select the to and from locations. The Transfer from selection is also used in the repeating group as a “search for” to populate the repeating group with the From stores products and quantities

I don’t understand why you have a Submit transfers button and a Transfer button in each row, but you showed the workflow for the Transfer button, so I assume you are focused on that button.

I believe you should be able to add a workflow step that makes changes to a thing, and the thing (location) to make changes to is the Transfer To dropdown’s value. In the workflow step, add the inventory amount to that location’s existing stock, and you should be good to go.

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