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I’m curious to see if anyone has configured a way for users to send a coupon code similar to Uber or Lyft where each user is assigned a random code and then that code could be sent to non-users to sign up and both get a discount or a dollar amount that could be used on future purchases? I’m currently using stripe as my payment processor and know they have coupon functionality, but not sure how that would or could be incorporated.


Have you figured out this yet?

I have a similar need where I need to send a data (similar to docu sign, etc. ) where I will send a page to an email address who may or may not be a user. Once they have received the email, if they are already a current user, they can login and the data is already attached to them. However, if they aren’t a user they still can see and have the option to sign up without losing the data attached to them.

Any idea folks? has a paid tutorial on how to do this:

Also, you can investigate how to create and store a random number (your coupon code) when your user is created and then when the person sends an invite, you send the coupon code that´s in their user record.

Here´s a couple of threads here that will shed some light on the subject:

I actually was able to. What I did was assign each user with a unique referral code. At sign in there is an option for another user to enter the referral code which then signs the user up and gives both of them a credit.

I see… this is not exactly what I need. Mine is more like docusign, so I will send my online document / web form to an email address who MAY or MAY NOT have an account.

When the receipient see the invite, he can view the form WITHOUT log in. at the same time, if he has an account, he can also see the form after log in.

But, if he doesn’t have an account, he can still see the form without log in. If he decide to sign up, somehow he can see the form in his list of forms…


I was wondering if you could go into a little more detail into how you accomplished this.

Specifically how did you create the unique referral codes, how did you assign them to each user, how did you put the option in for another user to enter the code and sign up? (I cannot find this plugin or workflow anywhere in Bubble).

Thank you


-Create a field on the User Object with a type of text for “Referral Code”
-Create a field on the User Object for “Credit”
-On the sign up form you have for users add an input field for “Referral Code”
-In the workflow for signing up the user you have a step where if the referral code input is not empty then add a credit to the users account.
-For our business if a user has a credit and they purchase our product then it will not charge them. If they don’t have a credit then it will

I’m sure it can be different based on your business model but this works for us.

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