IOS App functional but Android App non usable


I developed an App with Bubble, use GoNative to publish it on Apple store and Google Play, and that’s alright,

On IOS, the app works normally, but Android really not, Geographical Position does not work and each time I try to change a picture profile or saving data …ending up with “we run in a temporary bug …”

I bought a cheap Xiaomi Note5 to be able to try, it is completely unusable.

Am I the only one to have this problem? , I am completely lost by the test on this phone.

Any help or suggestion will be welcome,

Could it have something to do with dynamic data?

See here for more info:

yes indeed, it is with dynamic data, you give me hope again! :slight_smile:

Find this line in Main Activities, where do I find MainActivity file ? in Android Code using Android Studio?
as gonative generate the APK, I never had to modify it before publishing

can you open the project in android studio?

Yes I can, I did not find any MainActivity files

but I found:
webSettings.setUserAgentString(appConfig.userAgent) in WebformactivityJava
webSettings.setUserAgentString(appConfig.userAgent) in WebviewrsetupJava

but not quite sure what to do next,

try deleting the line and see what happens?

try pressing left shift twice and search that code in the entire project.

I searched in the entire project, only those two files show up

webSettings.setUserAgentString(appConfig.userAgent) in WebformactivityJava
webSettings.setUserAgentString(appConfig.userAgent) in WebviewrsetupJava

I comment them out, but no change at least in the simulated device from Android studio

what version of the app do you have? Did you download the latest one from code canyon?

It has been created by gonative

well, I tried by removing those 2 lines, but nothing changed …application unusable.

the search input is by default geographic position, and it the geographic position don’t show off, function search in database end up with a bug …

Update on the trick I used, because it could help someone else.

All problems on Android, was because it seems sometimes Android do not ask for geolocalisation at least for bubble app in the default browser on my phone, and the Webview in GoNative. but it was working on Chrome for Android.

because of this problem, each time I was trying to store or manipulate data with geolocalisation …I ended up with “we run a temporary bug…” and sometimes the app did not even start

I used the following trick, I put a button to open google map temporary just to force the browser to accept the geolocalisation …then after that come back to bubble app…and the geolocalisation works!

I spent few days between Gonative and Bubble hotline to understand the problem. thanks to them and their patience.