Questions about mobile (native) app

Hey guys, I’m stuck with questions about native apps with bubble and I hope, some people can help me with it.

What I’ve learned so far (correct me if needed pls):

  • Can’t use more than 1 page, everything should be within this page; use custom states and reusable element
  • Can’t do go to page even if its not reloading but just for the purpose of sending page parameters to the same page
  • cant use go back to previous page
  • There is a kinda built-in version for native’s, but these will live in a web element on the mobile device.

And here is what I want to know:

  1. In this good tutorial I learned to structure my Single Page App with reuseable elements, even if I use this element just once. Currently I’m using go to page on the same page for adding page params (on page load these params will set state of the main page). I think this structure does NOT work with mobile apps. Is this true? Even for plugin-based wrappers like BDK?

  2. If I can’t use page params for navigation anymore, how can I change parent’s state from a reusable element (child) to change the custom state - based navigation?

  3. I know there are different wrappers like BDK etc. Can I use this so create an mobile native from my bubble ab while still using the app on my domain as currently used? I don’t want to copy the project and than using bubble API to access data in my (desktop) web app.

  4. What exactly does the built-in native thing?
    Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 22.09.55

Thank you SO much :smiley:


Single page app exists, what is the best ‘stack’ for supporting both, the current SPA and an native app for iOS/ Android?

@jared.gibb might have some knowledge to share on how to make a Bubble app native.

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Thanks Rico & thanks for your mentioned tutorial/ videos :slight_smile:

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Sure do!! :eyes:

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Hey, I would really appreciate it, if you may find time to hind me to the right direction :slight_smile:

Would be happy to chat sometime. Feel free to grab some time on my calendar

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