iPhone Autofill of text input boxes not working

When I click into a text input box (e.g., the enter email address box) on my app on an iPhone (using the chrome mobile browser), the iPhone suggests some autofill email addresses just above the keyboard. When I click the email address to select it (which usually then populates the currently selected text input field), nothing happens. Is there something I have to do to enable the use of the iPhone text autofill suggestions?


Does it work with Safari ? Best to post a link to your app

Just realised mine does not work in chrome although iOS does . You can test if auto fill in chrome works here http://www.tohodo.com/autofill/form.html anyone else seeing this or is it by design

Either of you guys figure out a solution here? Noticing the same issue and this seems to be the only post I can find on it.

Same issue here, Did you find out how to solve it?

Did anyone find a solution here? I’m having the same problem. Makes the signup and login process a bit tedious.

Mine is working fine on IOS both in Safari and in Chrome. For auto fill, click the password field first instead of email, then select the auto fill. It’ll populate both email and pass.

Thank you. My bigger issue is with the sign-up process. iPhone/Mac safari suggests my email, but when I click it, it doesn’t fill the email input

What version of IOS are you on? Have you tried deleting the auto fill then adding it back in?

I’m on latests iOS for iPhone, and High Sierra on my Mac.


What do your safari settings look like?

General > Safari