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IOS Legal/Cost Process?

Hi! I’m trying to estimate my costs before going forward with them. I’d like to submit a Bubble-built app to the IOS store; I’ve got the zip file, Phonegap, etc up and running (thanks @natedogg !).

I’m forming an LLC ($149 in my state) to keep it under and will get a developer account ($99); anything I’m missing? Does Apple need my tax ID (another cost)?


I’d invest in solid terms of service and privacy policy documents, which aren’t expensive all things considered. I know you can get those things generated “for free” - but don’t. Spend the money to have an actual attorney look at your specific services/product/offerings and have proper docs prepared for you. And keep them updated. Protection is always a smart investment.


PO box for business address.

I second getting custom legal documents and doing it right at the very beginning. If it’s a single member LLC, you can use your SSN; otherwise, just grab a Employee Identification Number (EIN) for free from the IRS. Check to see if your state has an annual franchise tax (e.g. California’s is $800/year). There’s also the cost of a registered agent (if needed), mailing address (one with a “real” street address and not just a PO box), additional filings (by the state), and maybe other things I’m not recalling.

There are plenty of privacy and terms of service geneerators online that come with a guarantee protection too. They are paid but would be a lot easier than going to a lawhat er, you can customize everything. Of course if you have the time and budget a lawyer would be best.

As far as what Apple needs, in order to set up your developer account as a legal entity, you’ll need to obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) number.

Apple will give you the information to walk you through the process as you’re setting up the legal entity’s Apple Developer account.

I’d recommend giving it at least a week or two after registering your business before requesting the DUNS number.