IOS Zooming With New Responsive Engine

Hi, so I have zooming disabled in the IOS appearance section of my general settings and that has always worked well. However, I built a new page with the new responsive engine and I noticed that it is allowing zooming. All of my other legacy pages built with the old responsive engine are not allowing zooming.

Is this a bug or is there an additional step I need to take to disable zooming with the new responsive engine? Or is it not possible to disable zooming with the new responsive engine? If the latter, then that is very disappointing because the ios zooming is really annoying and it’s for an internal app that is used almost exclusively on ios devices, macs, ipads, phones, etc.

Overall, I’m starting to get used to the new engine and liking it more. This is the first page I have built from the ground up with it that actually was displaying a decent amount of data with repeating groups etc. It’s a definite learning curve because you have to unlearn a lot of ways you did things with the old system but I do believe in the end it gives way more control over responsive design and is a step in the right direction for bubble overall. With the old way, I used to actually build a lot of separate mobile pages because it was very difficult to get a responsive page that worked well on mobile and desktop but that obviously adds a lot of unnecessary redundancy to the development process that I always hated.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the page turned out. It’s going to be a nice interface for our company to use for a phone system that uses Bubble and Twilio.

Now if I could just get the zoom issue fixed that would be awesome!
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Curious which parts are zooming? I was having a similar issue before and realized it was a font size problem that iOS was responding to. Once I increased my text size to 16px it worked fine.

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ok, I will look into that.

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