IP Geo is not working!

Hello bubblers!

My current workflow allows the creation of IP address and the users’ location. However, very recently we’ve been seeing this error.


I tried going to the plugin’s page, but I could not find it in bubble’s list of plugins. For months, I have been using the plugin: IP GEO.

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@janernestgo seems like the owner of the plugin was using an API key of his own for all the calls and he reached the 50k monthly limit.

He erased the plugin page so I can’t check much.

In the dev console of your site, in Network tab you can check the request the plugin was making. From there you can guess what API call was making and try to generate your own.

Any better alternative to 1) obtaining user’s IP and 2) converting that IP to a geolocation?

@janernestgo just tested the plugin and it seems to be working. Can you check again if it’s working now and how many calls or data instances are you creating?

Testing here:

I’ll check, but calls are very few since our App is internal to the company. Probably less than 5-10 calls per day.

API not found in the network as I think it’s run on the server side.

The error clearly exceeded 50k daily calls. I guess the error may contain the location from where the API is done, if you can paste the whole error here it may help.

You’ve got the error yesterday? But if it came once it will come again. I think the best is to change the plugin, there are many plugins with this functionality.

Do you think the error is in the IP or the Geolocation? I suspect it is in the IP generator but I could be wrong. Do you have recommended alternatives that work easy and best?

Hey @janernestgo , just logged today to check and it hit same error.

I’d suggest changing plugins, it got over loaded of requests.

Try this one ipiphy - IP Geolocation Plugin | Bubble
or from IP Geolocation Plugin | Bubble