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Is A JQuery Autocomplete Dropdown Possible On Bubble?

Here is an example input that i’m trying to configure on Bubble:

There are three parts to the installation.

  1. an input

  2. a couple javascripts

  3. a JQuery ready function

Can this be configured in Bubble as an auto-complete drop down?

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That would be a new element, and we don’t have such an element yet.

Although if you can get the complete list of cities and airports (which I assume are not that volatile) … then you can import into bubble and do the autocomplete ?

Then from there do the API call to get the details based upon the code ?

Correct re the lack of volatility… has a list of 47,000 airports worldwide which is inclusive but it won’t import! - airports.csv is the file. Fields required are all setup in this testing application:

If you can get it to import please let me know how… I cannot for the life of me.

Once this is done I assume the autocomplete will work natively within Bubble and I will not need to utilize an API.