Mimic expedias search box in bubble


I have looked all over the web and can’t find a clear answer. I am trying to create a search box with a drop down that autofills data fields from external api that have matching values as the user types. I am trying to do something similar to expedia where you can start typing a city or airport and it gives you options based on what you’re typing. I think I could do it if i typed all ~5000 airports into data set but that would take forever.

A different way to describe it:
I want to copy expedia’s search function where I can type mia and have options for MIA airport, opa airport etc.

I know of API called duffel that will get call list of airports but I do not know how bubble would let me dynamically use search function with a get call for every dropdown as the user types.

Does anyone know how I can make this happen? Or an alternative way to mimic Expedia’s search box through bubble? Any help would be appreciated, I would strongly prefer to not create a data set of all 5000 airports.