Is anyone else's dynamic data button not working in the editor?

Same problem :expressionless:

Same, filed a bug report… Hope It gets fixed soon.

How much time/money is being lost by developers/agencies because of this? When will Bubble stop pushing quality control onto their users and take responsibility for QA and use their resources to conduct tests to ensure the editor is not broken by their changes?


It’s absolutely ridiculous
I received the stock standard email reply: “our engineering team is currently investigating the issue” which in my opinion is BS as there has been no change for 7 hours - my guess is that the engineers have gone for the day and no one is looking at this (please prove me wrong @bubble) and that a resolution will not come until tomorrow.


I’m pretty surprised there isn’t an open incident since it is such an impactful bug (especially to us lowly southern hemisphere users…)

same for me… :dizzy_face:, i report this bug like ten hours ago

is anybody able to push updates to live ? i have tried a couple of times but they updates arent reflected in my live app ?

This is the worst part of all of this :skull:

Bubble needs a SLA for the editor and live apps. If they want to improve reliability as they say they should put their money where their mouth is, otherwise they’re all talk and no actual action…

Same issue, can’t add anything in dynamic inputs.

Goog call,
I have been doing “copy all” then “paste after” then edit the dynamic data.
For the text you can keep your mouse clicked and edit the text ,)

The same is happening to me today, cannot press on Insert Dynamic Data

+1 in “no no-code today” team :roll_eyes:

Just logged in and seems to be fixed
well done @bubble - only 10 hours from bug reported to bug resolution

Seems to work for me too

No incident has been reported on the status page for something affecting the app for 10 hours. Sounds about right… nothing to see here!


sorry this was so funny:


i just checked it for myself and its not working. also the element naming function is jacked up. you click it to edit the name but if you click again to put a curser where you want to or to drag to highlight, it will behave like a second click and just to gave to displaying the name and you cant edit the name. very strange

correction: the dynamic text data is working in some places but not in others


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yep, mine is giving me a result but its static in live version