Trouble with bubble functionality

Hi everyone!

I’m experiencing serious difficulties with Bubbel after the New Year’s. I had to redo a whole page because the preview mode and live mode did not show the elements in UI builder, although it did so yesterday (nothing was change to the visibility settings).

Basic pugins such as math.js do not seem to be working properly with dynamic data.

Right now I sometimes have elements not being displayed in the UI builder. Is this just me, or is it a maintenance issue? Will appreciate the feedback

On the left hand side, of the Editor Dashboard, check to make sure that the elements are Visible, you can toggle this using the Eye icon to the right of the element (seen below)


I would also double check if you are using the Zoom feature on your browser as sometimes that can cause visual issues with the Bubble Editor.

Not too sure about the Math.js plugin, haven’t used it in a while

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I’ve chekced the hideable options and everything was fine, it was just some sort of bug.

I’m more concerned with the Math.js plugin and calcualting formulas in general as it is a central piece to my app, which was working flawlessly previosly. Here a demo of what I want to do: input the amount of visitors - get the total amount of visitors calculated as well as the percentage of adults. Could you have a look and see what migh not be working. I would really appreciate any feedback. I have been going back and forth and even looked at other people’s apps to see that the same math.js equation work with their apps…

Best regards

There is something really wrong on that page, maybe a script or a plugin ?

You don’t need Math.JS to do this, but it won’t even work with some simple input boxes.

Not much help I know … but looks a bit strange, have a look at the console.

Also … the Element Inspector is broken as well, which points to something fundamental.

Any suggestions on who should I contact for this? It’s not this page, it’s the whole app that suddenly went rogue on me.

It was that bank account plugin, the one that puts the “Link Account” in the top left.

Remove it an now things work better.

FYI, you want to put your Mathjs stuff in “Initial Content” not in “Placeholder”. Have rejigged a little, although something looks odd with the percentages !

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Nigel, You are a life saver!
I don’t know where that link account plugin came from, that’s the odd thing. But at least I know what the problem was. I sorted out the percentages issue as well.

I very much appreciate the help!

Maybe @wysamx can advise ?

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