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"Run as" Not working

Is the “run as X user” not working for anyone else as well?

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I’m seeing this too. Just spent 20 minutes pulling my hair out before realizing it was a bug. Ha!

What is going on with Bubble the past month?? So many problems lately

Simple growing pains I think. They solve complex problems and do an amazing job of it imo. Definitely frustrating as users sometimes, but they do great work and should be recognized for what they do.

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Hahaha same, spent 2 hours trying to figure out why dynamic data is pulling through, went through all workflows! They confirmed it was a bug approx 14 hours ago, thought it would be resolved by now. Makes development quite difficult. Will be patient, I’m sure they are working hard at it.

Same issue we noticed last night. It just goes to our site but does not log in. Left it overnight to see if it fixes itself but to no avail. Tried reseting cookies.

Has someone submitted a bug report or heard anything?

Same here!!! @emmanuel this seems to be happening for more than a day now.

Not working for me and it is affecting the Bug Investigation Team at Support in resolving another Bug submitted because the step by step instructions include a step to use the ‘Run as’ function…

A Bug hindering the ability for the Bug investigation team to investigate a Bug.

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I did see Andrew from support mention they’re aware of it and have received multiple bug reports on it as of today in one of the Facebook groups.


Thank you for your post! We’re currently working on a fix for this behavior, and are updating this thread with the status of the investigation:

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