Is bubble down? What is SLA of bubble?

I am relatively new to Bubble and investing a lot of time to learn the platform and really impressed with what it can do. However, I am really discouraged by the error ‘Issues saving your App’ which keeps showing up on my editor (since last 12 hours).

This is hopefully an occasional/rare case, I wouldn’t know. Can you please let me know is anyone else is facing the same issue? How often does it occur? Since we have no access to the source code or the hosting server, it could cause havoc if there is a critical bug in your app and the bubble servers are down. I have read that there is no official SLA for bubble, but is there an approximate?

You can check the status of servers here, but currently they seem to be all be operational.

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You are receiving that message because your Internet is too slow to save your changes in real time. My good laptop never has that issue, but my crappy one sometimes does. If you are on low speed wifi, that can do it also.

If bubble was down, you wouldn’t be able to see an error :slight_smile:

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Thank you @burnsadam123 and @troy.roberge. It is working fine now.