Is Bubble stable enough for REAL products?

In my use case it doubled. So around 200 simple workflows a minute.
I never tried with scheduled workflows though.

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When you say workflows, you mean each group of workflows (so 100/200 groups) or 100/200 individual workflows?


this is quite depressing to be honest :roll_eyes:

So basically if i have more than 5-7 users logged in and doing simple CRUD workflows, thats its.

That is why Bubble is great but not a panacea.

When I realised the limitations of Bubble I had to change how I selected what projects to build in Bubble.

So in the end it’s not the tool, but for what and how you use it.

Imagine you buy the best pickaxe in the world and you start chopping a sequoia. You would get depressed quite soon. Even with the best pickaxe of the world. You either change to a regular axe or start bashing rocks.

So if you want to build the next Twitter or real-time social network with millions of concurrent users you better go and buy an axe. Or do what I do…think about looking for rocks instead of trees. After all…you’ve got the best pickaxe in the world :wink:

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Sure thing, i agree with you 100%.

I’m only planning using bubble for CRUD apps, but 100 to 200 workflows a minute is not stable even for a very small CRUD app from my point of view.

I’m doing anything to reduce the amount of workflows, even shifting some of the product features to other platforms (the billing and user management system).

I guess on the long run im going to use rails.

I would say that CRUD apps for SAAS with high paying ticket users is where money is. This the general rule for web apps, but specially for Bubble. Think about professionals that need CRUD systems. Because for each paying user you can afford to buy capacity.


As you mentioned, if you work with Schedule API all the time, and execute in the background all the process you can without slowing down user experience, it will be faster, even with 1000 or 10,000 concurrent users (still in beta for me) :wink: I accomplish now workflows that was taking 20 sec in 2. Stable it is. Based on NodeJS and PostGres DB technologies.


Agreed. NodeJS was built with that in mind among others features.


@JonL are you a programmer BTW?

Yes as per education background. However I moved quickly to more functional roles. So I have the background but I do not consider myself a coder. Enough to patch and hack.

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