How to build an Airbnb Calendar Feature on Bubble?

Hello bubble community! So happy to join :slight_smile:

I am looking to basically build a website that has the exact same feature of Airbnb’s calendar and booking system.

Someone explained really well via a screen share here: Dropbox - Bubble - Simplify your life

What he is asking is basically:

  1. How to build the Airbnb Calendar feature using Bubble (Both on the backend and frontend) where certain dates are blocked, there is the calculator for the pricing, and hosts of the property listing are able to block and manage specific listing’s availability dates

  2. Is it possible to create an option radio button in bubble where when one option is selected, it would impact the pricing, for example an option for “Without breakfast - price included” or “With breakfast - An additional $10”

  3. Is it possible in bubble to allow the host to set a block date in advance, for example all bookings must be for 2 days from now (that way today and tomorrow are always blocked automatically), showing that today and tomorrow is blocked on the calendar, and that updates automatically daily

It doesn’t exactly have the same functionality but the Zeroqode HomeBnB template might get you started: HomeBNB - Rentals like AirBNB | No-Code Template by Zeroqode

The short answer to your questions is - yes this is all possible.

The longer answer is that you need to understand how to code the logic into Bubble in order to implement it or hire a dev shop to build it for you. If you want to learn more there are lots of tutorials out there - the airdev bootcamp is a great place to started and get hands on with building, zeroqode also has tutorials (including one on how to set up that template I linked above). There’s also a crash course by No Code Life that I have found helpful (including the app walk throughs). And of course there are tons of tutorials and walkthroughs on Youtube :slight_smile:

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Hello Adrianne,

This is very helpful, I really appreciate your feedback.

Did you watch the videos I gave?

I am glad to know that it is possible. I am trying to avoid using a template because I want to understand how it’s exactly built and have the ability to make changes as I like.


My Calendar Grid Pro element is designed exactly for this use case. (The client side parts.) The other parts you might need are left as an exercise to the user.


Hello Keith,

Thank you for sharing. Can you kindly expand, I am not clear and what you meant by “Client side” and “other parts” as well as “exercise to the user”, I need explanation on each please.

Highly recommend the airdev bootcamp or the crash course then. It will give you the foundation you need to build. If you’re missing things from the Youtube videos it’s because there’s a lot of foundational understanding on the bubble programming logic that you need to understand first. Also its worth noting that every app can be configured a few different ways so even if you watch a tutorial if they didn’t set up something the exact same way early on you wont be able to follow it step by step - so understanding WHY and HOW they are doing what they are doing is more valuable than the specific steps.

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