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Is Cordova the right way to test a mobile app?

Hello bubblers

I have joined bubble recently and had never coded anything before. (btw I believe Bubble is freaking awesome and completely unique).

So I am trying to build an app for mobile - until now I use the responsive mode, have the ‘native app’ checkbox unchecked and everything is in a single page.

Based on discussion on the forum I found that ‘Cordova Browser’ mobile app seems to be a very good way to test how the app developped on bubble looks and behaves on a mobile phone. Any modification in bubble is instantly updated on the phone.

My question is : is Cordova a truthful way to test what my bubble app will eventually look and feel ?

I am going to spend some time on it and I understand that when it is ready there will be a ad hoc procedure to get it recorded on the app store.

Many thanks !



I’m busy investigating the same. Keep us updated.