Bubble scalable & Things in the database!

Please i need to know more about bubble DB , plan pricing and type of apps, can i build and scale apps with multiple DB tables ? i am not talking about file storage but create new rows and column in my bubble app !!

for example : social media apps [ tinder, FB, Twitter… ] freelancing app like fiverr …,educational app like udemy, linkedin…etc

In my case : I am building educational app with instructor’s dashboard where instructors can Add questions "unlimited create new questions " , collect emails "create new emails " / unlimited number of emails , Adding comments from students (create unlimited number of comments " , adding different materials such as chapters: text, image… )

all these features available for free but i add other features requires instructors to upgrade account , If i have only 10 Instructors with 100 students , this could lead to huge rows and column in the DB "questions, comment, chapter content … "


I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking?.. are you asking about database storage capacity?

In which case, currently, there are no limits, aside from on the Free Plan (although I’m sure you can’t have missed the recent discussions about future pricing plans which suggest there will be limits on data storage in the future, depending on plan, although that will likely be done on data size, rather than number of rows…)…

Is that what you’re asking about?

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Thanks for the reply , yes i am pointing to the " App DATA ", for example i received this email when i used free plan with less than 0.5GB file storage :
" It’s currently on the Free plan, which means it can have up to 200 Things in the database - and it’s now hitting this cap, Apps which have hit the cap will no longer save any new Things to the database, "

I am afraid this will happen with other paid plan , for example if i am running on a " Professional " plan :

  • My App file storage less than 20 GB
  • But there is more than 1000 row in my data app, for example " questions " rows field created by instructors

in this case , do i need to upgrade to new plan only because i have huge table in the database ?


Yes, the FREE plan has a limit of 200 Things…

All other plans have no limit on the number of things, nor (currently) any limit on the size of database.

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Thanks man , hopefully keep it like this
Thanks for help

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