Is Editor performance ever going back to normal?

For the love of God, please share your ways to speed the Editor’s performance?

So, since the new pricing topic, I’ve noticed something that is not related to it.
I have 2 ERP’s with less than 10 users online for about 6 months now. For them, the apps are fast as normal. For me, the Editor is making me considering remaking everything from scratch on Fluterflow. I’m losing my sh** over here!

My 2 apps never used that much WU’s and 2 simples adjustments made them use <5% of WU of their plans. However, my Editor performance has been absolute garbage. There’s no other word for it.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been working in 2 or 3 things at same time as each Bubble keeps freezing about 20 to 30 times a day, every hour of every day and it’s getting me crazy! I have google sheets open with 40k lines and they never freeze or delay anything close to 10% of what I’m dealing with bubble! At most, they take a few seconds to load, after that, smooth. Bubble delays several seconds (up until crashing the browser tab) every single time I open any workflow, any design page, style, eveyr single little thing!

I’ve separated pages with reusable elements, changed navigation and UI that affected my users interactions (which btw, for the end user, app is fast, normal).

My Editor for the app is soooo infuriating slow that I’m considering changing the whole app to Fluterflow. What is going on??

Setup is a i3 processor, 12gb ram on linux. Runs dozens of thousands of line in excel with formulas without issues.

Hey Vitor,

Yes it’s brutal sometimes. Especially if I leave my laptop idle and come back after a while.
I’ve made it a habit to show only the groups I’m currently working on and nothing else. I’ve also made it a habit to refresh the page ever 45 minutes or so.

It hasn’t completely removed freezes, but it has helped significantly. Those are some pretty simple fixes, so I’d be very interested in hearing someone else’s tips.

Cheers, :slight_smile:

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I do the same. The annoying part is just that you loose all opened groups and if you have a SPA with many pages it’s really frustrating. One thing you could try thou is to opt in to experimental features. I have read something about a faster editor performance. But it could crash other things - that is why I have not opted in - but may be this will help you @vitor370

thank you for your input, mate! Really appreciate.

Unfortunally, I already tried both. I only have 1 block at time open, workflows are all in folders as well. About the 45min rule. I’m forced on that too. Mostly because Bubble never stays without freezing in such time, so I’m obligated to refresh in shorter spans of time :confused:

Today, I had to get back to my notes 3 times to remember why I was waiting for a page to load…