Huge Performance Drop


Anyone else have a huge performance drop in the editor since last update? Mine is super slow now. Can’t get anything done. Is it just me?


Yesterday the editor was real slow. I rebooted and performance was better. Today, it got real slow again and rebooted. Performance was better. Both times I rebooted in early afternoon after 3-4 hours of editing. Might be something going on with bubble…might be 'cause kids are getting out of school and playing fortnite!

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Yep, it was a rough day. Very slow editor. It would recover at points, but generally pretty rough. I was working in a heavy page, so wasn’t sure if the problem was on my side. Will check with the good folks at Bubble if tomorrow is the same.

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Can you file a bug report at

Very slow for me today too.

Yeah the Editor has been almost unusable so far this morning and all day yesterday. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

Thanks for submitting bug reports. We’ve been able to reproduce the issue, and are investigating what the cause is


We have tested on an earlier version of the code (Monday last week) and still see a similar slowness. So it doesn’t seem to be very new, but more something with big apps. If someone has an example where the drop was very sudden please les us know.

We’re taking a look right now to see if there are some hits we can find in terms of editor performance.

Everything seems fine so far today, but since you seem to be searching for clues, I’ve gone ahead and submitted a bug report.

The same for me, the editor has been super slow for 2 days now (including today) and therefore almost unusable like already said.
For instance, even a tiny change like positioning an element can make crash the app, so I could not really work these days.
And I didn’t notice anything last week, it worked as usual until yesterday.

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Ok, just filed a report. This is getting ridiculous. I can’t do any work. Pretty frustrating. Totally unusable for me right now, can’t get anything done.

Is there any progress on this issue? I am now on day three of a more or less dead editor.

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Today seems a little better for me though I have rebooted my laptop once this morning and just refreshed my window 'cause it was stuck saving. The issues seem to get worse for me starting around 1-2pm Eastern Standard (I’m located in Massachusetts). I’m able to plod along but I definitely notice performance issues.

Huge drop for me. CPU goes to 100% often when Bubble tries to save a change, and website becomes unresponsive. I have a fairly large single page application.


Yeah I am seeing that CPU right around 100% when making a save as well.


Ya. It’s been really bad. It seems like it is taking up all my computers power to run it. It also kills my battery so quickly. I can’t use bubble. I’m basically out of work until it’s fixed. Nothing can get done at this point.


I’m experiencing ALL the same issues reported above starting about two days ago. Was going to report the issue here but got busy and forgot. Haven’t used the editor today but disappointed the issue still remains. Came here looking for something else and ran across this post so I had to contribute.

We just deployed some performance improvements that should get things back to where they were a few days ago. Please refresh the editor to get the latest code.


I see a marked improvement today, @emmanuel. Thanks.

Yes, it seemed to help a lot. Thank you for fixing the issue. You guys are the best!