Is it better to make create/edit forms in popup or special page?

I am making my app and have some materials that should be created by users. In the beginning I had separate pages for:

  • list of posts
  • one post
  • create / edit post

But I watched some tutorials where the create / edit post functionality is made in popups over the pages

  • list of posts
  • one post

Which strategy is better?

  1. To have separate pages for
  • list of posts
  • one post
  • create / edit post
  1. To have
  • list of posts + create / edit post popup over it?
  • one post + edit post popup over it?

I need to understand which will be better in terms of:

  • Data safety/privacy
  • Speed
  • Convenience for the user

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, @leramulina… one could argue your question comes down to a matter of personal preference, but when it comes to speed and convenience for the user, I would certainly argue that using a popup is better because you are not navigating to a new page (which simply takes time), and you are keeping the user within the context of the current page as they perform an action (which, in my opinion, is less “jarring” than going to a separate page).

With regard to data safety/privacy, you don’t have to be concerned because Bubble’s security features (assuming you are using them correctly) will have you covered either way.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, Mike :pray:

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