Pop up vs Page pros and cons

I’m still bending my mind around Bubble so bear with me.

It looks as if when I use separate pages, Bubble creates the page on the fly which is slow since my app goes to a page then back to the original page lots. If I use pop-ups, I think all the controls on every pop-up are loaded with the app so pop-ups are fast although I take a bit of a hit when the app first loads.

But, with separate pages, the only controls I see are those on that page. On pop-ups, I see every control on the app page which includes all the pop-up controls. That means controls such as a Save button which appears on multiple pop-ups have to have unique names like Form-name Save. The placeholder (“Save”) can remain the same but the name of the control has to be unique otherwise I wind up with multiple controls with the same name which makes workflows difficult to define.

Is that correct or am I missing something?

Hi @alan5 ,

Based on my understanding, Bubble can distinguish different controls with the same name. For experimenting., you can click “Start/Edit Workflow” on different buttons then they will refer to different event on the workflow.

but naming different controls with the same name is not a good practice as it will confuse us as the developer

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If you have a lot of pop ups that use a set of controls and also have a lot of controls in the set, you might try organizing the controls in a reusable element for clarity. It can avoid the slog of differentiation the name of an 10+ Identical buttons.

If there’s not enough repetition to warrant a reusable element, then definitely attempt giving unique names to everything. It can feel tedious but I find the ability to search for elements by unique text is very helpful.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll convert everything to pop-ups rather than pages for increased speed and use “reusables” as much as possible for increased speed as well as improved maintainability. That’ll eliminate most of the duplicate names. I’ll use a naming standard to eliminate the rest.