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Is it faster to load a new group or to use conditions?

Quick question:

From a page loading speed perspective, is it faster to load a new group or is it faster to use conditions to display different information?

Here’s the scenario: I would like pages to load various information depending on country location. So, the pages will load one set of information for visitors from the US, another set of data for visitors from Britain, etc.

To make the pages load as fast as possible, should I create a different group for the visitors from various countries or should I use conditions to display different data from within one group?

Thank you for the direction.


I think of this stuff too haha.

Personally I have found- hiding and showing groups to be slightly faster than having conditions on the groups that say “not visible when etc” (although I do both techniques in my app)

Rather than having more clutter on your front end though - I think using different data source conditions should be just as fast (unless you have a really big repeating group or something).

I would say its your preference in the end. With a separate group for each, your app will have more “code” and more element’s clutter — but it may load a couple milliseconds faster because those groups would have concrete reference sources…

But when you scale and operate from more servers - using conditions is probably the best way.

EDIT: So I was just thinking; because Bubble is so visual - I would consider doing the two group option if I were you.
a) it will be slightly faster - easy to build - and easy to view in your element tree…

Using conditions would make way more sense to someone who was writing code - because to code two identical groups with different data sources would be completely mad house. Makes sense on Bubble though actually

You should do what makes sense, not worry about the performance here. It’s our job :slight_smile: In this case, there won’t be a visible difference. If the question is one page with a lot of elements VS 10 pages, there is an answer, but here not really.

What is different between the design for each country? If it’s just data that’s changing, then why do you need different groups?

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Excellent feedback, thank you very much…