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How to speed up page loading time with conditional groups


i just want to share something with you guys
I have observed along the time that, going from a page to another takes some time. i would say, double time compared with a regular coded webpage

So i did this:
Basically, you can have most of your content in one page, and just use groups to show and hide the content you want. You will need to use “open external website” action

It’s much more convenient then having page1,page2,page3

The thing i would like to have here, would be:
instead of writing static value “page1” - a dynamic option “current page name”

Thanks for sharing.

Could you pls name your topic in a more descriptive way so it gives more meaning and is easier to find in searches etc.? It’s seldom I find myself searching the forum for “something” or “interesting” or “something interesting”. :slight_smile:

May I suggest “(How to) speed up page loading time with conditional groups”

Good point @jonaspalmqvist. will do it right away.
I am playing a little with it to see what limitations i can face


I briefly looked att it but I noticed you were playing with it hehe. I’ll wait a bit.

now, the question is, how can we send data from a repeating group, so we can have something like this:“company_name”
Let’s say that we can’t set the type of content to this page. How else could we do it? Any ideas?

Changing the type of link from external page to internal page, and using url parameters instead of path, seems cleaner to me, and the conditional groups picked up the changed parameter fine. I chose a parameter of “section”, so the links look like:

This works if its the same data type per page, example for passing the User:

If it is different data per section, it could be passed as another parameter, if it can be expressed as a string.

If you don’t need to use the URL to preserve state, i.e. if you don’t mind that a shared URL or bookmark isn’t specific to the section, it is a lot faster to swap between the groups by setting different values for a custom state instead of following a link to the same page.

Hi Mishav

Could you maybe create an example here? I m trying not to use any type for the main page, and just send data from a repeating group within a main group
If you set the type of content for the main page as user, i understand that. But what if you want to send lets say “comapany”?

Link to editor:

Thanks for your input here

I’m going to make some assumptions about what you want to do, is this right?

  1. Initially the page shows “group companies” which has a repeating group of companies.

  2. Click on a company in the repeating group will hide the “group companies”, show the “group settings” and

  3. assign the chosen company to the part of the “group settings” that handles a company.

If using URL to pass the company, it’s best to pass the unique id of the company rather than the name of the company, then lookup the details.

I’ve taken the liberty of cloning your page4 into page4a, and fixing up the passing of company id by URL.

FYI The data naming would make more sense to use a singular name of “company” instead of plural “companies”.