Help needed for search and save

Hi i would really appreciate some help with an app i am trying to create.

The search function (shown in screenshot) has a database with different locations. I would like it if the user would type in a location, press the tick button and it would appear in the repeating group.
The idea would be then they would select another location press the tick and that location would be added and so on.

This would all be added to their own personalised group where other users could see the route or make their own. (Think Strava).

At the moment i am having difficulties with and would very much appreciate any help.

Thank you.

Hi @rvanna

I hope this example can help’s-results-1472017471956x981892223072469000

Thank you so much.

I havent got the hang of it yet but that tip has help so i greatly appreciate your help! :+1:

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Try going through the introductory bubble tutorials. There is a similar example where you can input multiple locations and all of them are plotted on the map.

You need to save that location in your database and then just display it in the RG. Let me know if it doesn’t solve your query.