Is it possible to adjust the width of the popup overlay?

Hi guys! I’m using a pop up over a page for register/sign up form. I notice that when it is deployed, my page behind jumps a little. After examining it, I find that I cannot see the scroll bar on that page behind in that state? So maybe bubble builds it almost like a page of its own or something or I just need to adjust the overlay (blur area). I can see how to change the width and height of the form itself but not that blur area.

I could be wrong but I am thinking if I can adjust that to the exact width of my page then I won’t get that jumping page in the background.

Does someone know how I can resolve this, please? Thanks.

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I just realized I have this happening on many pop-ups as well :confused: Did you find a workaround?


Hi @sgigoipecqueux , sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I have not found a way around it, but I’ve thought about creating a separate login/sign out page instead of popups. That would not work for popups for other purposes, I know. Sorry not much help.

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