How do i make popups go all the way up to top of page

How to i remove the space at the top of the page about a popup.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.09.36 pm


Are you using the new responsive system? If yes you can add margin below.

If not, you can Create a Group size of the page, Give it the background blackcolor.
Put another group on the top of it.
You have another custom made popup.

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Yes i am on new engine.

This not correct. You cannot do margin on popups.

Sorry, I mean padding.

Padding does not work like that. Padding is for inside an element.


Try this Editor:


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Thank you. Yes that is one way to do it. I have instead decided to use a HTML element that makes the popup it go up to the top of the screen. This way it still functions like a popup too

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