Is it possible to create a custom calendar with a Repeating Group

I’d like to have a more attractive calendar; I figured I could potentially do this with a Repeating Group with 5 rows and 7 columns and have the data type set to “Date.” I’ve tried but the only thing I can think of as the data source is to set it to Current Date/Time. This creates some type of error. Does anyone have an idea as to how I could give this Repeating Group the data source of the current month, etc.?

Thanks in advance

You’re probably going to need to have a data type called “day” or something like that. The repeating group needs a source to pull from, usually from a data table in Bubble (but others have used SQL or an API to populate a table).

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do is possible using the built-in date/time functions.

Do you know what the built-in calendar uses to pull dates? Is it the built-in JavaScript date functionality?