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Custom Calendar


I need to make a custom calendar and would be great if somebody show me how I can make list of years, months, days and dates.
For example:

The idea is two choose year, month and date and on the right side to see events that been scheduled for the current date.

To be honest it is more about to choose the months of every year and from there to be visualized the events.
I already tried with calednar and with date picker but it’s not what I need.
So please help me out.

You can do this really, really ugly by using 3 dropdowns on the left (year, month, day) and a repeating group on the right. Your repeating group would be displaying Events filtered by the selections in the dropdown. I think it would be helpful to not think of this in terms of a calendar, but in terms of what you’re trying to do. You want to have a repeating group of events, and those events to be filtered by chosen parameters. In essence, you’re trying to send data to a repeating group.

Not sure what your design aspirations are on this, but there are lots of videos/samples of sending data to a repeating group. Have you checked any of those out? I’d start there, and if you have already watched the videos and read the forum posts, I’d try to put something together in the forum app and share the link so we can all poke at it with you.

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First you’re right I’m spending too much time thinking about building a calendar instead what I really need.
Second I saw a few times all the videos and tutorials also I spent a lot of time searching in the forum and I couldn’t figure this out and that’s the reason I’m asking for help.

So I’m ready to open to learn.
Can you tell me how can I achieve this:
I have a buttons with names for every month of the year 2016 and for example when I press “January” I want to see all of the events that were planned for January. So I need this for every month for every year.
I hope that I explained it understantable if I’m not I can make app.

I need help only for the months and years for the actual visualizatiin via repeating groups I cna do this myself.

@emmanuel - Can you make it happens the request from the attached picture?

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Not sure I understand the request from the image. If you could be more specific it’d be great.