Is it possible to create a gamified web app?

Hi everyone. I am new here. :slight_smile: Looking to create my first test app.
Hope that fellow ‘Adalons’ (is there such a term? :sweat_smile:) can help me out with the database and coding logic behind it! I am trying to see how robust the logic system is behind Adalo and also how easy it is for non-coders like myself to do a slightly more completed app than just displaying listings…

Key Features:
Users can post tasks that need help from other users to be completed. Other users get rewarded for helping out. They themselves can also request tasks from others and reward others too.

  • Points are the in-app credits. Points are spend or earned to carry out certain actions
  • Each user gets 100pts when they sign up.
  • Users can use those points to post a Request.
  • Each Request costs 100pts to be posted. This is deducted from the existing points of the author. (hereby called the Requester)
  • Users that help to complete the tasks set out by the Requester will be rewarded with 10pts each.

Earning Bonuses and Badges:

  • First user to respond and complete the tasks also gets + 5pts & First Responder badge.
  • The most helpful user to complete the task also gets +5pts & MVP badge. (chosen by Requester)
  • Posting first Request > First Request badge
  • Completing first task > First Help badge
  • Posting 10 Requests > Serial Requester badge
  • Completing 100 tasks > Serial Saint badge

Sample scenario:
Tom signs up, uses the 100pts to post a help request. He is left with 0pts.
Harry see Tom’s Request and completes the tasks in it. He earns 10pts for his help.
For being the first to respond(+5) and also being the most helpful (+5), he gets bonus +10pts and the First Responder and MVP badges.
Harry now has 120pts in total. If Harry earns another 80pts, he can post up to 2 Requests when he needs to.

Other notes:

  1. Requester can set a time limit for the tasks to be completed (e.g. no. hours / days,)
  2. Requester can also set a participant limit. (e.g. max. 50 users needed)
  3. There can be a number of tasks to be completed in a Request.
  4. Users are required to post their comments and feedback to the Requester after completing the tasks.
  5. All Requests, comments and feedback are public. Requester can spend a little more of their points to take them private.

Pretty much covered what I can think of right now hehe. Where should I start first…? :thinking: :thinking:

Yup - this is definitely possible and quite simple logic in bubble.

In terms of where to start, I’d recommend nailing down your DB design first (since everything depends on your DB design in bubble). If you’re not familiar with relational databases, watch some free tutorials from bubble/youtube or us at

After you have your db schema built, you can proceed to building your UI and lastly working on the workflows. If you want some 1-on-1 help, I’d be happy to help through


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