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Hey guys,

I hope everyone is well in this fight against COVID-19. We are currently on a 4-week lockdown here in New Zealand! As a result, I have decided to spend more time on an idea that I have been thinking about while I am at home and I just need a bit of guidance.

I want to set up a web app that can collect points for the amount people save e.g. 50 points for every 5 dollars they save in a week. People then can use these points to collect random rewards that would be generated from our end. The balance of the points would need to reduce once the user claims the reward e.g. user has 150 points and spends 100 to claim rewards, points left should be 50. Is there a way I can set this up on bubble?

I am fairly new to bubble and have gone through some tutorials but I can’t seem to find any info that can help me with my question. So I thought I will ask everyone here.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.

What’s the question?

Hi @thepiggyprojectnz, this is perfectly doable although I suspect you’ll need to start somewhere with you’re design and then if you start adding in buttons/icons etc you can then run the workflows to do any calculations based on either custom states/database values.

Although I understand you’re idea here, I think most of us are geared up on the more “how do you do this” type of things (if that makes sense)! Start designing whatever you have in mind and if you get stuck on the more fiddly things then come back here :slight_smile:

I think once you start, you’ll get on a roll and it will all fall into place.

You can always have a Points field added into your User table, if each user/member has their own set of points. From there you can manipulate the values through workflow actions easily enough.

Have you started anything yet?

Sorry, have added one on there now. :slight_smile:

I agree with @pork1977gm and his advice. Very doable and it doesn’t sound complicated, but you need to put some work in :wink:

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Hey Paul,

Yeah, I have followed the tutorials to a point where I have been able to set up sign/login functions and to set up dynamic pages for users. I have set up the dashboard and so users can see how much they have saved and how many points they collected. I guess the design part has been done. I guess and you are right in saying I need to spend a bit more time on bubble. I think I need to read/watch a bit more about the database and how I can use the workflows to my advantage. I will try my luck in the next day or two but if I am genuinely stuck I will come back here. Thank you guys!

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