Is it possible to create sub-Directories?

Hello there, I have an app that is

where each product is

But, I’m already thinking in expanding it to other country too. And I have read that the best for SEO is to have sub-directories for each country

So I would like to have, for 2 countries for example, for main site for Argentina for main site for Chile

And each with their products

Of course that i will have redirects and stuff like that to detect user’s country on page load and redirect to the correct site.

But, how can I make the sub-folders / sub-directories in bubble?

Im sure @romanmg could know something about this, lol please tell me if it’s possible or if I’m looking for a unicorn

Have you launched large websites before? Also, have you done inbound marketing and SEO before? If not, from a business POV, I highly recommend focusing on one country first and proving out that SEO will work well for you before you spend time setting up your site for multiple countries. In my experience, smaller experiments enable entrepreneurs to get further, faster.

As for your specific question, Bubble doesn’t support this. Instead, you could run it on a different subdomain with a separate app (e.g., or you could do it with URL parameters, such as: or

Hello there!

Yeah, I’m aware of the hi-level SEO

Just wanted to make sure there is no Bubble’s limitation for the next step. Do you know something about my question about the sub-folders? you know if it’s possible?

I’ve asked this question before about subpages. In short, it’s not possible with Bubble

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You could extract the two “subdirectories” from the url with a Regex, and then use that to read the country and product.

Am not good enough with regex to invent it, but it would be possible am sure.

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