Is it possible to hide part of a page's URL in bubble?

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I know a lot of topics have been posted and questions asked about URLs in bubble but I want to know if it is possible to hide a part of a url when a page is loaded. So let’s say the url looks like this:, can "/page " be hidden, and then we get

I understand what a URL structure is and as the " /page " would be the subdirectory/subfolder, it is important, especially from an SEO perspective. I have googled to see if it’s possible to hide the subdirectory name in a url without breaking the link and it seems like there’s a way to do it in traditional coding but I’ll like to know if this can be done in bubble even with code?

I don’t think it is possible (as far as I know) with pure native Bubble. Could possibly be done via some javascript code in the page.

However, I am curious to understand your use-case better. Why is it needed? Won’t it mislead people? People who would like to share that url with others will share wrong url?

Also, could you point to some links which say how it can be done in traditional coding and what do they use it for?

And you are sure you don’t want to change url itself? Are you aware of option of modifying slug?

it can be done natively.
but is not viable.

Put everything(page) into Index as (resuable) or ( group )

Meaning you only have 1 page in bubble editor.

Every page is just a Group (hide/show) on browser.

As per what OP has posted, it is not what he wanted. He said that there is a page which has URL parameters etc. Which means if someone hits a particular url with parameters etc the page would open considering those parameter values.

What you are saying is that URL itself doesn’t have the parameter. In that case user will always hit one URL only. Basically you are saying it would be just one page with no url parameters and it would be a single page application.

Both are different objectives in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply. I know it’s not something that’s really practical to do but I just wanted to know if it could be done.

Here’s what I want to do. So, I have an app with multiple pages but each will only be loaded based on an option selected by the user (So it will be like every user has their own custom page). But since bubble’s page name can’t be set dynamically, I was thinking if the actual page name could be hidden and then a parameter (user’s name) passed to show up immediately after the domain - instead of but I don’t want to have the whole app built into one page. I know this won’t be practical but I thought I might give it a shot.

Also, I do know about modifying the slug.
Here’s a link to a question relating to what I’m trying to do, although, this is done using “htaccess” in PHP (i think).

Yeah, I know… but I don’t want to have everything on one page.

You can easily and arbitrarily change the URL - I’ve a plugin to do that Have a play on this test page and you will see it is easily possible. But read the warning below before you race ahead and re-do your app navigation design :slight_smile:

Mostly I use it for adding page Anchors eg #xxxxx onto the URL for internal page links and to “tidy up the URL” for Users and SEO.

Warning you will need to carefully think through how Bubble page navigation works - you can easily break your app. You can easily change the Path URL to a non existent Bubble page and create a lot of 404 problems.

There is a link on the demo page to the docs explaining how this works under the covers using replaceState.

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As far as I’m aware there is no currently built-in solution to loading a url/slug currently in Bubble. I think your only option is something like url/u/slug (where u is a page). And it sounds like this isn’t the only functionality you are tying to achieve anyways.

I think what you are looking for might be possible with this plugin: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

However, it is a bit of a complex setup. I would contact the plugin author to find out if what you are hoping to achieve is possible.

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Hmm… Interesting… I’ll give it a try… Thanks

Try out

This looks quite complicated. I will take time out to go through that document and try to see if I will understand everything. Thanks for sharing this