Extracting parts of the URL


Following on from this thread …

We have hacked a way to allow “pretty” dynamic page names tied to data not bubble pages.

However it only works with pages that have a content type. And we are kinda dependent on Bubble keeping the rightmost part of the URL in the Content Id.

So here … “blah” will appear in the Unique Id if we set the page to have content. So we can display data based upon it.


However, the page still works if it doesn’t take a content type - but I can’t see a way to access this.

What would be quite nice is to be able to extract this “blah” on a page. Maybe from the URL using :extract ?

That way it would be a bit more “offical” than the current hack.

Essentially you giving up control to the user to control their types on a page. I know it is lot like parameter, but it looks a lot nicer :slight_smile:

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Wow buildingonbubble is amazing! How comes I didn’t find out about this sooner? Thanks so much Nigel!

Also great idea although I don’t entirely understand it lol.

Thanks :smiley:

It is mid rebuild to make it a bit better looking and to replace ziggeo video with YouTube.

Hopefully the live site is more obvious …

Have quite a lot more blocks (features to add).

Sorry which part of the URL do you want to extract?

https://trest3.bubbleapps.io/version-test/slugtest/thisbit/wonder/what/this/does (only does this “thisbit”)

Not sure what you call it, but you are pulling it out into …

…when there is no Word defined on the page.

@NigelG Nigel,
FYI your link goes to the “version-test” of buildingonbubble.