Is it possible to incorporate the pages from 2 different templates into a single application?

There is content from two different free templates that I would like to leverage for an application that I am working on. One is a template for the landing page, the other is a dashboard that would be used for the actual application once the user has signed up for an account.

Is what I’m trying to do here possible? Would I essentially create two applications, then could I copy an entire page from one app to another? Would this work?


Sure, you can copy a page from one app to another easily enough (just copy the page and paste it into the other app)…

But, depending on how much that page refers to dynamic data from the app’s database or option sets, and depending on the complexity of the page, they may be a lot of work involved to restructure the database to match the one from the other app, or redefine all the on-page data sources of the copied page to match the existing database structure.

How difficult that will be depends entirely on the complexity of the pages involved - but very often it will work out easier and quicker just to build the page from scratch in the second app, using the original page as inspiration.

That said, if the page is mostly just visual elements that don’t contain dynamic data, and few if any workflows touching the database, it might be very simple.


Thanks! I’m thinking it should be pretty straightforward for me. It’s just for the visuals and the layout. :slight_smile:

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