Can I use a new landing page template on an existing app?

We started building an app from scratch and made significant progress on functionality. However, I’d like to get a better designed landing page and wanted to use one of the landing page templates here on Bubble, but I don’t see a way to apply a template to an existing app. Is there no way to apply a landing page template to an existing app?
Thanks for any help y’all can offer.

Hi there, @lancemcneill… you can’t add a template (landing page or otherwise) to an existing app, but you should be able to apply the template to a new app and copy elements from it (or the entire page) into the existing app.


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I can give that a try. Any recommended resources for learning how to copy elements from one app into another? I didn’t find much in the manual or video resources.

Just right click and copy (you can copy with workflows, too) and then right click in the existing app and paste. I have never done it, but I believe you can right click on the page itself and copy the entire page into the existing app.


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