Is it possible to integrate Sentiment Analysis dasboard into the "Mentionly - Brand Monitor" template?


Could you please tell me if it is possible to integrate into the “Mentionly - Brand Monitor” template - the sentiment analysis?
Particularly, the dashboard like Monkeylearn Visual Studio or Rankur has/probably provides?

I have found that MonkeyLearn has API integration. Integrating with MonkeyLearn Text Analysis Models | MonkeyLearn

Overall, it would be ok even basic version with 1-2 functions.

Personally, for me it is not enough to have just mentions in an organized way, and that is why I am asking if there is an opportunity to integrate with relevant dashboards.
Are there any bubble plugins or may be other solutions/paths?

Thank you!

Hey, if the respective service provider offers an API it is possible to integrate all these offered functions into a bubble application. I don’t assume that there are already ready-to-use integrations, which is why you have to develop the integration by yourself.

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Dear Dev2,
the recommended provider of API - does provide API with sentiment analysis information.
Also, I would like kindly ask your opinion if using a Dashboard template by EzCode 🖥️ New free Dashboard template by EzCode
is ok for this purpose?

Overall, I need only:
Chart and circle that displays the sentiments. Only two not something sofisticated.



Thank you!

Hi, honestly the template shouldn’t matter at this point. There are also built in elements and plugins to embed charts or graphs. I suggest that you try to implement the planned features and should everything work as expected, implement a nice design.

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