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Not sure where to start

Hi All,

I am not a developer and just getting started with bubble.

I am looking to understand the feasibility of having:

  1. API’s to pull specific data from sources such as Quora, Reddit etc
  2. Use this information in a NLP solution to create sentiment analysis
  3. Display this sentiment trend by company in a dashboard etc

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated

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1 and 3 are possible. API’s are bubble’s friend and displaying data with bubble is very straight forward

As for 2, how would you be going about NLP ( I am assuming this is natural language processing) are you having a third party do the analysis?

If you’re processing the text with another third party’s API, and that API is returning the metrics. Then bubble can easily handle your needs. There’s also graph plugins that people have made if you need to graph out data