Is it possible to make DYNAMIC FAVICON

I am building a marketplace app provided I want to have user’s (seller) to have their own favicon… any possibility to set it with a workflow.

Super thanx in advance.

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You can put an image field in user (seller) and then the user can upload their favicon then you would set the image on the page to current page user (seller) favicon.


@lester thank you for your help… well saving image is done… but the workflow setting the favicon, i can’t find anything for it… could u help me with a screenshot or advice with an example

Here is a screenshot of how you would set the image up for your favicon.

I don’t think you can set a dynamic favicon. I believe the only way is to create a sub app for the user.

That is not a favicon, that is just an image. The favicon is uploaded on the app settings page.

@stephencharles you are right. I forgot about the favicon in settings.

I did a little search on favicon and came across this code for favicon for certain pages. I tried it and it worked for me.
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">

Just put it in the page header html.



I came across this thread when searching for a solution to dynamically amending the favicon & ‘add to home screen’ app title.
I have got this to work for adding Chome shortcuts but can’t get it to work on iOS devices. Is there anything different I need to do for iOS devices?
Also is there a way of also dynamically amending the app title that will be stored?

thanks for contributing! this helped me out!

that worked well on android (when adding the icon to the homepage of a mobile, the favicon remains as the app icon) and web access at chrome, but didnt work for safari / iOS. any ideas why and how to solve it?