Functionality q's

Hi I’m new to bubble and before I get into it I want to check whether what I want to do is possible and what are best plugins for it. My project is:
Create live registration app for my sports clubs
Player arrives at training location and has to sign in to say they’ve arrived (selfie, location, pin code)
Coaches (admin) can check who is in and where they are
Players sign out again when done at training
Needs to be able to schedule training sessions and locations, and also store some user data/info about players.
There are systems out there but too complicated e.g. uattend, tanda.
Needs to be customisable for different clubs to use with their logos etc.
Players or their drivers will need the app on their phone as they will be responsible for sign in etc.
Am I capable of this in bubble???
Cheers Dom Taylor

H Dom - without knowing a lot more about your requirements, based on what you wrote, bubble can do this for you.

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