Is it possible to pass a data type as a parameter?

I have several pages in my app that filter lists (repeating groups) of Actions based on Project, Context or other criteria.

I want to have other pages go to any of these list pages, passing one or more of the filtering things. However, because they are things, it doesn’t appear that I can send them as parameters.


Wouldn’t it be possible for Bubble to pass the unique ID of the thing and handle it in the receiving page?

current users filterHomeContext’s Name/ or UID.
Printable as text, so a number or text not any other datatype. its going into your url remb/

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I don’t see UID, but it must be unique id based on what I found in the reference.

This appears to be what I thought Bubble would do for me, but this is good enough.

thanks, Beau.

youre welcome, you could have nice url instead of parameters if you use a paid plugin like

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