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What are the some of the alternative methods of passing (sending) data between pages?

Hello Bubblers,

I’ve used “Data to send” as well as URL parameters to send/pass data between pages. I’ve run into some of the limitations of both. Are there any other alternative method of sending data (passing data) between pages that you know of?

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URL parameters

Thanks Sharma. But, that’s what I meant by “parameters”.

What kind of limitations have you run into?

In some situations I’ve created a new data type that is able to hold the types of data I require. I then simply create a new thing on the first page with all the required data and then navigate to the next page, passing the data as either data to send or a URL parameter of the unique id.

Yes with Data to Send, the limitation I ran into is when I have multiple things to send.

Hello @arsedian.ivan

You can only send one thing to a page because a page holds only one thing.

Alternatively you could:

  • Send the one thing that allows you to search on the destination page all the other things you need to send from the origin page
  • Set up your database so that the one thing that you send has a list of the things that you need to send

You can send unique ids or slugs or items in your db. You can also send parameters which are not in your database for example a product name to filter results of a repeating group on another page.

This might help you - How to use URL parameters in


Thanks @sharma.himanshu0608 , do you have a similar article that covers how to send unique ids or slugs?

This sounds like a great solution @cmarchan , do you know of any great article or video explainer that shows us how to implement the 2nd alternative “Set up your database so that the one thing that you send has a list of things that you need to send”?

Hello @arsedian.ivan

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