Is it possible to put a transparent guideline image over Croppie?

This works well, I tried the same without custom state (only one image) but no luck

Hey @melon

See below the preview and editor of the basic guideline visual



Everything works on your editor, But when im doing it on mine, Browse is not showing up…Weird behaviour


Yeah this could be a bug with the Croppie plugin - On the Upload button if you go to the conditions and make sure there is no condition for ‘When this button is pressed’. Then with that removed give it a try. I believe it should still trigger the workflow actions when you define a hover condition, but when it has conditions on the pressed state, it wont display the browse.

Also the debugger (run next) could be getting in the way; the load from the browse button relies on the browser recognising that the action came from a user click.

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There are no conditions on the button…

Thats strange, if you have the workflow ‘Browse croppie’ on the button it should work. It could possibly be a browser blocking the popup in a rare case…

As as mentioned by @mishav, try running without the debugger in a test environment.

If you still have no luck send me over the Editor and I’ll be happy to take a look.