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Is it possible to share an app I built with students?

I would like to share an app I built with students so that we can build on top of this app together. Is there away I can share it with them so that they can edit it. Each one of them will have registered for a Bubble account. This is already doable for the apps that Bubble lists on its webpage, i.e. I can edit an app and make it my own (and build on top of it if I want).

Make the app public to edit.

Go to your settings to change who can edit the app.

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The app is already public. Under app settings there is a Collaboration tab. Is that what you are talking about?

If the app is already public then you should be able to just share the edit link with them and they can work on it :slight_smile:

I tried and it worked. How could each one make his/her own copy now so that each one can work on his/her own version?

Not sure if this is possible to do efficiently.

If you want a workaround you could:
A. Have each student have their own page within the same app
B. Have each student have their own version of the app (eliminates the possibility of cheating of another student)

Not efficient or easy but possible. This is the only way I can think of. What exactly will they be doing? Might help come up with an alternative.

What is it is that I am running a local meetup and attendance is not the same every time. I’d like to start over from where I stopped last time. So every time I need them to make a copy of the previous app. Those who attended last time won’t have an issue. The issue is with the new ones. Each needs to make a copy of the previous version of the app so that we can build on what we have achieved. For example, we have started building a CRM app. We want to have a complete one over few meetups. Every time I need to introduce a new concept and build on the previous version without starting over from the beginning.

Okay, So I recommend just duplicating the newest version of the app and sharing that with the new comers. Unfortunately Bubble doesnt have any automation or things of that sorta yet, Im sure that will be a future feature when they are more robust and ready for education.

So there is no way for each one to make his/her own copy right now?