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Make app code public but readonly for others and no db content access (just structure)

Is there any way I can make my app code public but readonly for others? Also I’d like them to see the db structure but not the db data (to protect user privacy)

That is like making my bubble app opensource, but not allowing anyone to edit my app and damage it

That goes to with allowing users to clone my app in their workspace (I’d like them to be able to get the UI and the db structure [not content]). Does Bubble support such “forking”?

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We have that feature for example apps, but not for user apps. We’ll think about it.

speaking of this, since you mentioned sample apps having this feature, I went to

and pressed Edit on the Bubble app which took me to

I expected the app to open as readonly (since I hadn’t cloned it in my workspace), but it came up editable.
I tried deleting the video element and it went away. Does it show up deleted for everyone? I don’t see a way to restore it (no backup snapshots of the app available and since I closed and reopened to see if it kept my change, I can’t undo now)

I would expect it to open up as readonly (no edit), that is have an “Inspect” or “Examine” or something like that option, not “Edit”. If someone wants to edit they should clone

if I damaged the sample app for everyone can you please fix it?

Don’t worry, you don’t damage it :slight_smile: The way it works for this demo apps is that you can indeed modify it, but only for you. if you open the app in another browser (or clean your cookies), you’ll get a fresh version

nice, this wasn’t obvious. In fact it discouraged me from doing anymore fiddling there. Maybe some welcome message should explain it when you edit. Since it wasn’t showing in my dashboard (as it would do with clone) I was afraid I was damaging some shared app

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…that message would be useful also for the user to know that they’ll lose any edits and if they want to keep them and keep on experimenting they should use clone instead

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Exact same thing just happened to me. :joy: