Is it possible to show a slider input’s value as the slider is dragged?

I have a slider input that currently has a workflow that changes the value of a Text input when the slider’s value changes. However, this only updates when the sliding movement is completed. Is it possible to show the value change WHILE sliding? A lot of websites have calculators that operate this way, but I can’t seem to find something like that for the Bubble slider.

Hi yes u can do that
Add a text box and link it with slider input value

Movement you will drag it value will keep increasing or decreasing

Refer to this tutorial

That’s really helpful, @Trynocode. Any chance you know of a way to get the text to follow the slider?

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I didn’t get your question. Can you elaborate on this

@Trynocode, certainly. Typically, a person can use CSS to display the percentage value of a slider above/below the slider handle. I was curious if you knew of a way to do this with the native Bubble slider.

Here is a link to an example:

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Yes we can show the value you also looking to move the text/value as slider move.

That need to try I will test and get back

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