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Update "thing" when slider is dragged

I’m implementing a slider to capture value from user, and displaying a calculated number (based on the slider value) on the screen.

e.g. I have 24 hours in a day, and the slider sets “no. of hours for activity”. If user sets that to 10, then the counter at bottom should show 14 hours remaining.

To do this, i’ve created a thing, with initial values for slider and remaining fields, and this works fine on load. If i change the values, i am able to save it too.

However, this is not something i am able to display to the user in real time as the slider is moved. Ideally, as you move the slider, the value at bottom of remaining amount should change.

Any ideas on how to do this?

Hi, did you figure this out? I am looking to do the same

@emmanuel any ideas? Thanks

Honestly, without a real case on an app, I can’t say much for a post going back to June 23.

You can output the value from the slider.

If you need to do some maths on the that then either a) use a custom state and calculate via an action “when value changes” or b) use a numeric input element (but disable input) and put it in there.